Join the SIPC Kiva Team!

We invite YOU to join the SIPC Kiva Team and help us support others to support themselves!  Joining our team is easy, fun, and a meaningful mission that is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Through October 2022, the Shelter Island Presbyterian Church Kiva team has loaned $40,100 with $5,815 in 2022 alone. Loans have gone into 72 different countries including The United States, Viet Nam, Palestine and several African locations. 

You can join the team by following the instructions below...

  1. sign up for a free KIVA account by clicking here.
  2. join our team by clicking here.
  3. choose a borrower and start lending money!
  4. once your loan is repaid you can either withdraw your initial investment or re-invest it to another borrower!