Join the SIPC Kiva Team!

We invite YOU to join the SIPC Kiva Team and help us support others to support themselves!  Joining our team is easy, fun, and a meaningful mission that is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

In the past 3 months we have made 18 new loans totaling $625. That’s 18 dreams we have helped come true and at least 18 or more families that will benefit including their children that will have better lives. Imagine the impact of the 1,432 loans we have made since the team was started in 2015! Our leading sector is in Agriculture followed by Food Sales and then Retail sales. The top country is Vietnam with 8.19% of all loans followed closely by the Philippines at 7.98%. Kenya and Palestine are at 6.25% and 5.83% respectively of total loans. Continue your efforts knowing you are making a positive change in the world. 

Here is one of our most recent loans:

Harimalala Sitraka lives in Antananarivo, Madagascar and operates a grocery stall. Harimalala is 20 years old and married. The couple has one child who is still an infant. For the past year, Harimalala has owned a grocery stall which is not far from her home. In order to satisfy customer demand and meet orders, she has requested a loan to buy a variety of more staple food products. Her aim is to improve her business further.


You can join the team by following the instructions below...

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  4. Once your loan is repaid you can either withdraw your initial investment or    re-invest it to another borrower!