our history

The fascinating history of the Shelter Island Presbyterian Church unfolds as a unique blend of triumph, misfortune, growth, and decline, with a memorable cast of characters. In 1742, early settler Jonathan Havens set aside land and the first Church building was erected in 1743 on the same site as our present structure. However, it was not until the ministry of the Reverend Daniel Hall, which began in 1806, that a Statement of Faith and Covenant was written "that was conformable to the order and discipline of the Presbyterian Church."

One major piece of the fabric in our Church's historical tapestry is the numerous building projects which our congregation has undertaken. Brinley Sylvester II, whose father had been in charge of building the first Meeting House on Shelter Island, secured the services of our first pastor and donated several thousand dollars to support a place of worship here. Upon this legacy, a blossoming of building began. The same men and women who pledged $121.75 to support Reverend Hall for one year were soon confident enough in their faith and their congregation to plan for a new worship center.

The construction of this new structure was interrupted by the death of Reverend Hall in 1812, during the war with England. By 1817, it was finally completed at which time the congregation had grown almost too large for the new building. In 1826, a bequest of $8,000 from Benjamin Conkling enabled the erection of a belfry on the Church as well as an expansion of the building to accommodate the growing congregation.

In addition, this allowed the purchase of our first Manse (parsonage), located on what is now Baldwin Road, in 1834. Not only was our Church expanding through building projects, but membership was growing as well. Daniel Lord, a pastor with a notable reputation throughout Suffolk County, was installed as our minister in 1848. His arrival marked a dramatic rise in Church membership. The Reverend Jacob Mallman served the Church for nearly a quarter of a century beginning in 1895. He is remembered for being the last of the strict Calvinists. He was also responsible for installing the church organ and stained glass windows. Reverend Mallman is the author of "Shelter Island and Its Presbyterian Church," the major source for most of this history.

In 1934, the Church was destroyed by fire and more than a few tears were shed when our large bell was dashed to the ground and shattered into pieces. But with a determined and intrepid spirit, the congregation erected our present Sanctuary as well as the Fellowship Hall in a little more than a year.

Reverend William Grimbol served this Church for more than 25 years. During this time, the Church was true to its tradition of expanding its buildings and services to the congregation and community. Air conditioning units were installed in the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall and much-needed office space was built. Important to the future of our Church, a new Manse was constructed. Under the leadership of Pastor Bill, the Church became a gathering place for the youth of Shelter Island. Aside from fun activities, Pastor Bill led discussions on questions of ethics, morality, and other issues of concern to young people.

With the coming of our new pastor The Rev. Dr. Stephen D. Adkison in 2021, the church looks to the future with hope and anticipation of a new era of growth and service to the Shelter Island community. 

Currently, the Senior Nutrition Program, Meals on Wheels, the Shelter Island Early Childhood Learning Center (pre-school), the Community Food Pantry, musical concerts, and many other community activities are now hosted at the Church, reaching out and impacting the entire Shelter Island community.

For more Church and Island history, please contact the Shelter Island Historical Society! www.shelterislandhistorical.org   631-749-0025