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Worship is the most important thing we are called to do.

We gather to worship the God who gives us life

and we are sent out to be the Body of Christ in the world.


June 24, 2020

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

We have good news to share with you. As you are aware, the re-opening team has been hard at work deciding when our sanctuary will safely be able to open once again for Sunday worship and what that might look like in terms of how many we will be able to accommodate with the continued distancing regulations from the state.

The Session, on recommendation of the re-opening team, has decided on Sunday, July 5 as our official re-opening date. It seemed most appropriate as it is July 4th weekend and Communion Sunday as well.

Please remember that starting that Sunday we go back to our summer start time of 9:00 am not the usual 10:00 am for the rest of the year.

Please bring your masks, gloves, or any other coverings you now employ for your personal safety in public. Come through the front entrance to the sanctuary where you will be greeting and guided to your seats. The sanctuary pews will be marked out to allow a 6-foot space between each person. Families can be seated together. Due to this restriction, you may not be able to sit where you usually sit, at least not for a while.

When you come in, pick up a bulletin and a sealed bag containing bread and two grapes to be consumed during communion which have been safely prepared by our deacons. You can deposit the bag in a receptacle on your way out through the same doors you entered. A greeter will help you with the traffic flow keeping safe distance between you and others. Bathrooms and the sanctuary area will be cleaned thoroughly before the service. Hand sanitizer will be provided at various stations for your use, if needed.

Again, because of the precautions, it will take longer to seat all the guests, so we recommend coming a bit earlier to safely seat everyone and begin the service on time. Because this will be new to all of us the re-opening team thought it might be good to have what they call a "soft" opening the Sunday before our official opening, just to see how it all works and if we need to make adjustments. Therefore, on Sunday, June 28, at the regular 10:00 am, we invite any of you who wish, to join us for worship. Again, come in through the front sanctuary doors and the same rules will apply as they will on July 5.

We realize that some of you may feel the need to stay at home. Please do whatever will be most comfortable for you at this time. We will be continuing the recording of the services and whichever way you are participating you will be a vital part of our worship community!


Pastor Bob & Ellen Gove, Clerk of Session