Earth care team

The Earth Care Team, Colleen Smith, Alison Binder, Karin Bennett, Amy Taylor and Marilynn Pysher have put up an Earth Care bulletin board in Fellowship Hall with information and tips on how to be better stewards of God's earth.  Check it out regularly for new stuff.  

We have also written to Assemblyman Fred Thiele (see article on bulletin board) to request he come speak to us briefly in June at a coffee hour about his knowledge and commitment to ecology.  We will be having various speakers on the topic each quarter.  

There is now a new bike rack near the back door so you can ride your bike to events at the church as Alison always does and easily park it.  

Pastor Steve has even given a wonderful sermon on caring for the earth which included appropriate hymns in the service. 

Challenge yourself to do at least one new thing in your daily life to improve earth care.