United presbyterian women

Our group has been active in our congregation for many years!  We meet every third Tuesday at 10:30 A.M. in the fellowship and all women are welcome to join us for fellowship and mission!

We work hard at our projects.  Annually, we have the Election Day Luncheon, which has been going on with the very same menu for over 85 years!  The Sugarplum Fair is our other major fundraising event.  It was started by Cheryl Hannabury and we do this project in her memory every November.  

We have always supported our church Deacons in their work with an annual gift.  We give monetary gifts to the church staff each Christmas.  Mission work within the church has included monetary gifts to help fund furnaces, buy carpet for the fellowship hall, a new refrigerator, a telephone system, the two upstairs bathrooms, and a vacuum cleaner (just to name a few!).

When the church endowment fund was started we stepped right up to the plate and in 2010 we donated $7,500 and in 2011 we gave $4,000.  In 2012 our gift was $5,000.  When 2013 came along we have the church $1,800.  Last year our gift to the endowment fund was $1,500 and the church $1,000.  We have added $300 to the endowment fund for memorials for deceased members.

All together, the UPW has put $20,100 in the endowment fund in the last five years!

https://www.presbyterianmission.org/ministries/pw/about/For more information on the larger fellowship of UPW, you can visit their website here.