Worship is the most important thing we are called to do.

We gather to worship the God who gives us life

and we are sent out to be the Body of Christ in the world.




How should I dress?

Come as you are! God doesn't care; neither should we. 

What about kids? 

We love kids! Children are always welcome in worship. 

What's the service like? 

The worship service includes music, prayers (silent and spoken), readings from Scripture, greeting one another, a sermon, an offering, the Lord's Supper (a celebration of an ancient meal also known as the Eucharist) which is offered on the first Sunday of the month, and a closing prayer. Many visitors especially love our music. The choir sings anthems of many traditions. The congregation also sings with enthusiasm the great hymns of the Church. Sometimes worship also includes a soloist or ensemble, or a performance by our children. Regardless of the genre, you're sure to find music which celebrates the glory of God. 

How long does the service last? 

Usually about an hour. Sometimes a little longer on special occasions, such as holidays and baptisms. 

Am I required to do anything during the service? 

You are invited to participate as fully in our worship as you feel comfortable with. There are several times in worship where the congregation is invited to stand, including for the singing of hymns, certain prayers, the Affirmation of Faith and Doxology. The Lord's Supper is celebrated on the first Sunday of every month and is open to all. 

May I ask someone to pray for me? 

Absolutely! You can call the Church Office any time of day at 631-749-0805 and follow the directions to leave a message for Pastor Bob.

What do Presbyterians believe? 

"We the Presbyterian Church (USA) are a people of God, called together by our faith in Jesus Christ as part of the whole body of Christ to worship, study and serve. We confess...that Jesus is Lord, and in Him is our hope and our peace. Bound by the Spirit to Christ's authority, we are thus free to stand in the lively joy of the grace of God." Click here for more.